DIY: 2 Minute Hashtag Flower Arrangement

hashtag flower before after pic

If you have two minutes and a few items on hand, you can make your own adorable arrangement!

When a friend gave me these pretty flowers – I knew I wanted to do something fun with them. They were part of a larger bouquet, attached to a very long stem. Since my arrangements often just flop to the side of the vase, I decided to get creative to keep them evenly-spaced. I chose to clip off those long stems and do a shorter display that would really show off their coloring. I love how they look from the top – fading from dark on the outer edge to lighter in the middle- they kind look ombre right?

What you’ll need:

  • Wide-mouth glass “vase” (I used a Bath & Body Works 3-wick candle that I cleaned out & upcycled – I’ll have a tutorial soon on how I remove the stubborn wax & adhesive to make them look sparkly and new.)
  • Flowers of your choice – preferably small or medium-sized depending on vase
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors to trim the flowers
  • Optional: decorative stones to accent arrangement – I had some cute white ones from the dollar store

First, start off with the glass “vase” of your choice. I chose a short one but you could definitely do a taller vase if you prefer.

clear glass candleUsing the clear tape, create a hashtag like the picture below. Two lines going up and down, two lines going from left to right. I cut my tape in half lengthwise to make the dividers “skinnier” and the holes “larger”. Now, we have the holes to stick our flowers through. Now would also be a good time to add water and stones.
hashtag tape

Start placing your flowers into the holes until every spot is filled- you may have to rearrange a few like I did because some bigger/smaller flowers fit better in some places than others.

place flowersfinish flowers

Perfectly-spaced! My type-A side is so happy! The tape is doing its job, but is completely hidden 🙂

flowers arial view

flowers outsidefinal flowers

There ya go! I love the clean look of this arrangement. They make a beautiful centerpieces and/or gifts – I know I wouldn’t mind getting this at all 🙂

Keep this in mind and let me know if you plan on trying it!


Smitha ❤

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18 thoughts on “DIY: 2 Minute Hashtag Flower Arrangement

    1. Thank you doll! I need to get that post up soon. I’ve tested a bunch of different ways I’ve found on Pinterest and found he best process to do it! I think that’ll be my next post 🙂


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