Deal Alert: Free DIY workshop at a Home Depot near you!

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I love DIYs and I love saving money. They are two of my favorite things ever! My husband knows it. My friends know it. Facebook knows it. And their ads clearly know it, too – because as I was scrolling through Facebook one evening, an ad for a “Do-It-Herself” workshop showed up in my feed. I was immediately interested as I clicked on it, and learned they take place often in Home Depot stores across the country. The store offers free workshops for all ages and experience levels, several times a month. Parents listen up- they even offer classes for kids!

I attended my first free do-it-herself workshop recently and we had a blast building this adorable shelf. I’m not going to lie though- it was work!! Fun work, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t break a sweat once or twice. We were sanding, sawing, drilling, staining- it was completely hands on. I mean I can build an Ikea dresser with the best of them, but I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended the class- I was so proud of myself when we were finished!



Class5class6 (2)

Here’s the final product again- I can’t believe I built this!shelf1

Typically, the materials are totally free so I called ahead and asked about any anticipated costs so there weren’t any surprises for us. All of the supplies were provided for free (wood, sanding blocks, wood glue, moulding, stain, power tools, screws), except some hooks that we purchased. I wanted some fancy hooks that were $4.97 each- so my total came out to just a little over $16 after tax, totally worth it in my opinion. hooksWhen I come across a great find- I just have to share! I think the free workshops would be perfect for a girls’ night (I’m planning one right now) or even a fun date with your man (some ladies in our class brought theirs, or there are co-ed classes as well). It was empowering to also have women as our instructors, and a little less intimidating to be honest. If you’re interested click here to see all the workshops available at Home Depot right now. You’ll need to register for the class (just enter your name and email) and they’ll send you a message to confirm you’re in.

I’m so excited for the next one, THIS THURSDAY evening where we’ll be building some rustic pumpkin decor! The next kids’ workshop is October 3rd. Let me know if you plan on going to one- and have fun getting crafty! 🙂

❤ Smitha

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