My Favorite $7 Last Minute Gift Idea!

gift baskets2

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a movie night! Check out my FAVORITE last minute gift idea for under $7- a Movie Night Gift Basket- including a RedBox Gift Code!

I searched gift basket ideas on Pinterest and put my own spin on it by adding the Redbox code. Seriously, I would be thrilled to get this from someone! Our first Christmas I decided to make these baskets for everyone in my husbands dental office- those ladies are wonderful. They’re all amazing moms (and one dad 🙂 ), so these family movie night baskets were perfect for them. And they fit our priorities of valuing family time, and didn’t hurt our wallets- double yay! 

gift basket contents 2

My husband & I picked out the contents and were so happy at what we found. I expected for it to cost much more! Here’s the price breakdown:

  • Hot chocolate box: $1.00 from Walmart
  • Assorted candy: 2 x $1.00 = $2.00 from Walmart
  • Movie Theater Microwavable Popcorn (3):  27¢ each x 3 = 81¢ (based off 44 ct. from Costco)
  • Large cellophane bag from Dollar Tree: 50¢ each (came in 2 pack)
  • Christmas basket from Dollar Tree: $1 each
  • Christmas Tag= 25¢ each (bought in multipack from Michael’s & Hobby Lobby)
  • Redbox Movie Gift Code: $1.50 each (5 bought for $7.50)

Total = $7.06

This gift idea can be used for so many people- coworkers, neighbors, teachers, secret santa exchange, you name it. You could even just do the Redbox gift code stuck to a packet of popcorn and hand then out to all of your neighbors- SO EASY right?!

To get the Redbox Gift Codes- head to Select “Buy Promo Codes” and have them emailed to yourself. Then write the individual code on a printable like the ones below (click the links to enlarge and print):

I can’t wait to do this idea again- it was so fun to make! Let me know if you plan on doing this and subscribe below to have future DIYs sent to you. 🙂

Hope you all have a magical Christmas!




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