Pinterest Tested: Homemade “Goo Gone”

IMG_5984Hi my name is Smitha and I am a jar addict. I love reusing jars… for everything from storage containers to flower vases to even incorporating them into gifts by sticking goodies inside of them. It makes me feel good for recycling (or “upcycling” as some of us like to call it), and it also saves us money. One of the first things I do while I’m upcycling a jar is to figure out how to get those pesky labels off. Sometimes you can carefully peel them, but that is rare for me. Other times you can soak them in warm/hot water and get them off with minimal scrubbing. While I recommend trying these methods first, there are other times you just need another solution because you end up with something like this, and it’s not pretty:

jar glass before

jar glass goo

After searching Pinterest high and low and testing several methods, this is the one I believe works best… a homemade, natural “goo gone” recipe!

You will need just two ingredients- olive oil and baking soda:

jar glass cleaner

Mix the two together in a small bowl- one part olive oil to two parts baking soda (you can also use coconut oil or vegetable oil)! Here I just used 1 tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp baking soda, mixing to create a paste:

jar glass mix

Apply the mixture all over the “goo” you’d like to remove, and let it sit for anywhere between a half an hour to a few hours.  

jar glass set

I tend to leave them for a few hours (I usually forget about them to be honest) and then I grab a metal scrubber or steel wool and go to work! The adhesive and remaining label should come right off. I also will wash it once with a sponge and dish soap to make it squeaky clean. And there you go! Beautiful and ready to be reused 🙂

jar glass after

Like I mentioned before, you can find my jars all over my home:

labeled glass jarsI get so many compliments on these adorable jars lined up in my pantry! They used to be filled with things like marinara sauce and coconut oil but now they store random dry items. After I clean off the label as shown above, I put on a chalkboard label and voila!!

I found these labels at the dollar store and in the dollar section at Target. Chalk pen is $2.59 after coupon from Hobby Lobby.

These former candle jars I upcycled to organize random items in a kitchen drawer:candle jar before aftercandle jars upcycledI often wrap these sauce jars with a little twine and make cute, shabby-chic flower vases:

2c42f680-d571-475f-bbf5-87f168886ad0And I think these upcycled spice jars on our drink station are adorable! The sugar containers used to look like the pumpkin spice one in the middle, until I got rid of the stubborn label with the natural goo gone trick:

spice jars

Let me know if plan on trying this- I hope it saves you money and adds some charm to your home like it did for me. As always, I’d love to see pictures!



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17 thoughts on “Pinterest Tested: Homemade “Goo Gone”

  1. Smitha, THANK YOU for posting this! I have several empty jars that I have been procrastinating on trying to get all of the sticky labels off, and I just wasn’t sure about what exactly the best way is. I will be trying this, thanks! 🙂

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  2. I was just having this problem the other day! Thanks for the info, and I love those jars. I’ve been working on organizing my kitchen cupboards, so I think the next time I have some glass jars leftover I’ll save them and give this a try.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is great! I bought some really neat old bottles a while back that still had the sticky label residue stuck on them and I wasn’t sure how to get it off. I will definitely try this so I can finally use them for vases! Thank you!

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  4. Yes I am exactly the same, jars look adorable. This is such a great tip thank you.
    I miss my jars at home and having my own things. I’ll be going back with a load more inspiration though 👌🏽😌


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