Pinterest Tested: DIY Coffee Body Scrub

coffe scrub graphic.jpg
I am a sucker for beauty products, but I like to be smart about it. Over the past few years I have become more and more picky about the ingredients in them. I don’t feel comfortable putting sketchy ingredients on my body, and I try to avoid them in my products. Recently I was shopping around for a body scrub and  the process was so frustrating! Either the scrub was packed with parabens and sulfates or it was more expensive than what I wanted to pay. Ugh. I guess I don’t want it that bad (exits store with head hung)…
Don’t get me wrong, Every now and then I will splurge on certain things (hellooo Tarte maracuja oil!) but I prefer not to if I can find something effective and budget-friendly. After searching Pinterest for a DIY scrub, a found a few of them using ingredients I had here at home (hellooo pantry)! No extra expenses, no trips to the store, and super soft skin? Yes please!

After testing out some of the ideas I found, I picked out which ingredients I like, and what I felt worked best on my skin. Here’s what I came up with- A DIY that literally took a few minutes and felt absolutely amazing in the shower.

What you’ll need:

  • 1/4 cup finely ground coffee or espresso powder
  • Few tablespoons of coconut oil (I prefer organic, extra virgin, and unrefined)
  • 1 tablespoon salt or sugar (I like to use sea salt, epsom salt, or organic raw sugar- use what you have!)

coffee scrub 1.jpg

I make lattés at home and love that I can use the leftover espresso powder as part of my beauty routine! I buy a local brand from my grocery store and have it finely ground right there. Coffee grounds would also probably work, just make sure to have them finely ground like espresso, either at the store or at home in your coffee grinder or blender. Coarse ground would be way too abrasive on the skin in my opinion.

coffee scrub 2.jpg
Espresso powder on the left, espresso for my latte on the right
coffee scrub 4.jpg
Add some salt or sugar to the espresso powder
coffee scrub 5.jpg
and finally the world’s best ingredient: coconut oil

Mix all the ingredients together to form a scrub that can be used in the shower. Yes at first it may look like you’re straight up rubbing MUD on yourself but then you realize that it feels (and smells!) AMAZING.

I like to use this scrub after my body wash because the coconut oil leaves behind the perfect amount of moisture to stay on my skin. Plus the benefits of coffee on your skin goes way beyond exfoliation: anti-oxidants, improving circulation, anti-inflammatory properties, brightening skin, anti-cellulite… it’s pretty impressive to me.

So here I am sitting here all relaxed, like I just left a spa or something. My skin feels amaaaazing and I hope you try this easy, natural coffee body scrub! It’s my new favorite. 😊

Hugs & smooth skin,


8 thoughts on “Pinterest Tested: DIY Coffee Body Scrub

  1. I’m the same way – I like simple products that don’t have too many weird ingredients. My skin can be quite sensitive, so I love at home skin treatments. I’ll have to give this DIY a try!

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