Fancy Fresh Marinara Sauce

marinara graphicEvery once in awhile I’ll impress myself by making something from scratch. This doesn’t happen often, so when it does and I love it, I feel the urge to share it with the world! My in-laws have a TON of produce growing in their garden, and let me pick as much as my heart desires. A few days ago I left with bags and bags of tomatoes in tow, and after whipping up a big batch of my favorite homemade salsa, I decided to give marinara sauce a shot. How hard could it be?   Continue reading “Fancy Fresh Marinara Sauce”


My Favorite $7 Last Minute Gift Idea!

gift baskets2

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a movie night! Check out my FAVORITE last minute gift idea for under $7- a Movie Night Gift Basket- including a RedBox Gift Code! Continue reading “My Favorite $7 Last Minute Gift Idea!”

Fresh Salsa: Easy Recipe

fresh salsa

When my sweet mother-in-law gave me a TON of tomatoes from her garden recently, I wanted to turn them into something tasty that would Continue reading “Fresh Salsa: Easy Recipe”


Carved lemon pepper chicken breast & Why I ditched packaged lunchmeat


I like to cook enough of this chicken to last us at least a few days- paninis and salads are delishhh. One of the Continue reading “Carved lemon pepper chicken breast & Why I ditched packaged lunchmeat”


Easy (& fun!) Homemade Ice cream

ice cream

I’m on a mission to serve real foods in our home. That means cutting out as many preservatives, chemicals, and fillers as possible. This also means making more of our foods from scratch, something that intimidated me before we were married, but not anymore. These days, I love knowing what’s in my food. Continue reading “Easy (& fun!) Homemade Ice cream”