My Favorite $6 Fall leggings! 

 🔸Pumpkins ✔️

🔸Fall candles ✔️

🔸Fleece leggings✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

When I find something I love and that is a total steal I always have to share! I live soo comfy in these leggings during the colder months… Today I bought these navy and burgundy pairs for 2/$12 at WALGREENS! ❤ Yes… I know. There’s one just down the street from me, too. ❤

I also have two pairs from last year that I love, in black and brown. They held up really well during the couple of months last fall/winter when I wore them at least once a week. Walgreens carries sizes S-XL, and I’ve also seen them in some fun textured prints. I love wearing mine with a longer flowy shirt or a dress, and they’re perfect for tucking into your favorite fall boots. If you’re like me and you love being comfy and cute on a budget, I think you’ll really love these like I do. Now I just wish it would hurry up and get cold outside over here!!



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